Search for new word for Telepathy

In our Dialogs with Peter, we have been challenged with finding (understanding) a new way of considering “telepathy.”  This new challenge has a basis in our studies of late.  We are coming to understand  perception and communication in entirely new ways. Continue reading

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Update: Utah Pyramid Capstone on the move

For years, the Awakening Tribe has taken on the challenge and the privilege of finding, turning-on, and connecting the Pyramids of the Four Corners. There was one Pyramid (in Utah) whose Capstone was removed and hidden in Dark Canyon to protect and await the cycle of reconnecting. Here is the update… Continue reading

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Frequency Simply Is (cont.) : Amazing Grace

We began the Dialog Sat. with the DVD of Il Divo’s live performance of Amazing Grace at the Roman Coliseum.  Awesome! Beautiful!  Highly recommend it!  Everything in it – from the venue to the bagpipes – set a mood for further exploring Vibration/Resonance/Frequency. And while we began the day with “the particlezing” of time waves, it was our discussion about Amazing Grace that touched my heart. Continue reading

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