Search for New Word for Telepathy – Part 2

Our search for a new word for telepathy has brought us to a basic understanding of, what Peter calls, complete Knowing.  When at Group, Jan asked the question, “Well, if we come into form to experience the subtleties, the limitations of Ego’s sensory perceptors, then aren’t we creating a big internal conflict if we adopt complete Knowing?”  And Jan had a point. If our perception and communication are rooted in our total awareness, complete Knowing, then why take a form at all!

Peter’s explanation might be summarized like this… Think of it this way.  Imagine our first understanding is, “Energy Simply Is.” from that Energy-simply-Is Ocean of Isness, a great wave forms. It is a wave folding in on itself – seeking to understand, seeking to know itself. It is the wave of Consciousness – the Source of Knowing Isness itself!  The infinite components of the Ocean of Isness may merge with the Wave of Consciousness and ride the currents and “flows,” in reaching complete Knowing of not only itself, but also complete Knowing of Energy Simply Is!

So, we come to know that we are Infinite Energy-Is, experiencing as a wave of Consciousness seeking to Know itself,  We “particleize” the wave thus creating the appearance of “separation,” and we generate cycles and circles to travel toward our complete Knowing — whether in the not-so-experienced Energy Simply Is form, or in the totally experienced Consciousness form.

To perceive and communicate in complete Knowing while still aware of being in a limited life form (body) is like merging the infinite and the finite.  Peter refers to this as the penultimate experience. Complete Knowing completes the birthing/deathing/separating/awakening/connecting and transitioning  of vibration, resonance, frequency from “an individually experienced particle of the wave of Consciousness into the vast Ocean of All That Is!

Beyond the generalities, we are using the Pyramid to map out our journey to this complete Knowing.  Just as the Pyramid worked so well for Maslow in describing the concept of “Self-Actualizing,’ it is providing us with a form to complete Knowing. So far, we have built on 2 levels at the bottom of the Pyramid.  More to come …

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Search for new word for Telepathy

In our Dialogs with Peter, we have been challenged with finding (understanding) a new way of considering “telepathy.”  This new challenge has a basis in our studies of late.  We are coming to understand  perception and communication in entirely new ways. Continue reading

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Update: Utah Pyramid Capstone on the move

For years, the Awakening Tribe has taken on the challenge and the privilege of finding, turning-on, and connecting the Pyramids of the Four Corners. There was one Pyramid (in Utah) whose Capstone was removed and hidden in Dark Canyon to protect and await the cycle of reconnecting. Here is the update… Continue reading

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