Search for new word for Telepathy

In our Dialogs with Peter, we have been challenged with finding (understanding) a new way of considering “telepathy.”  This new challenge has a basis in our studies of late.  We are coming to understand  perception and communication in entirely new ways.

Take perception… if we move beyond the usual and consider a whole set of Inner Senses to co-exist with the Outer Senses, we activate a Communication Gestalt with the operating principle that:

“The whole is other than the sum of its parts.” [ David Hothersall: History of Psychology, chapter seven,(2004)].  (Not greater then, or less than… no judgement needed.)

Imagine we are perceiving and communicating along an energy grid whose only boundaries are the ones we set.  If we are still operating as Ego-Identies, the size of our “self-box” will probably be measurable, organizable, and provide us with Chaos antidotes.  (We do like sameness, predictability, and auto-pilots.)  When something changes in our “Ego-centric” world, we seek help!  And yet, it is here we begin to realize just “Who We Are.”

If you haven’t heard of Natalie Sudman, check her book out, Application of Impossible Things.  While the story (metaphor) of her discoveries is a near death experience in Iraq, the story, she tells of experiencing the Gestalt  Energy Grid for downloading lifetimes instantly. She espouses what Peter has told us since 1971, “In truth, there is no (such thing as) time.” This ultimate sharing – this down & up loading – this total  Knowing… is absolutely FREE!  There is no judgement or evaluations or should haves.  

 So, maybe telepathy is really a state of total Beingness.  All that Is spreads wings of Unconditional Love. All are instantly expanded.  Awareness, Awakening, Consciousness form the lines on this ultimate grid.  This same grid reproduced on Earth with Mounds and Pyramids.  But that is for another day.

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