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Metaphors and Mind Stories

“A long time ago, in a Galaxy far,far away….” So began our Dialog with Peter, Sat., 2/15/2020. (Session available on Vimeo) I thought Wow! This will be one of those wonderful science fiction sessions with aliens and interstellar communications. It … Continue reading

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The Case For Optimism, Positivism, and Enthusiasm

“Important it is,” as Master Yoda might say, that we all – with clear intention – choose optimism, positivism, and enthusiasm when structuring our experience sequences. Well, perhaps not so much Yoda as Peter.  This was brought home to me … Continue reading

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…”When the Sun and Moon Dance Together in the Sky”

August 21, 2017, there will be a total Solar Eclipse moving across the US.  The Awakening Tribe has been called to go and “do ceremony” at that time.  For a few months, that was about all we knew until Sat.’s … Continue reading

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