Metaphors and Mind Stories

“A long time ago, in a Galaxy far,far away….”

So began our Dialog with Peter, Sat., 2/15/2020. (Session available on Vimeo) I thought Wow! This will be one of those wonderful science fiction sessions with aliens and interstellar communications. It took me some time to realize we were talking about Metaphors and Mind Stories! You know, those things that are both real and not real…true and not true. The ones that produce the Feeling Flows we use to produce Sequential Experience. And importantly, they are the “Strands of Connectivity.”

Interestingly, whichever story we choose to build our experiences upon, becomes”real” for us and when massive numbers of me pick the same one, we create a “Mass Event.” The more of us who pick the same story, the more valid or true it becomes! ” No thing happens to me, all things happen through me.” We truly are the Creators. And we use Metaphors and Mind Stories to choose and validate our experiences on a simple playground for routine living or a complex Mass Event playground for gathering the involvement of many, most, or all life forms! Now that’s a double WOW!

The Teachers picked two different examples. The first was an example of simple, foundational concepts we all create or use to play on the time-attached mind stories of “Grandfather and Grandmother.” These are sometimes enormous and can stretch through the Akashic Records, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the collection of all knowledge in Alexandria, or a simple DNA reading that defines a person’s Grandparents. Descriptions of these Wise Elders and that Connectivity paints a picture of sequential time and marching into both antiquity and eons ahead. Learning about or, more accurately, creating these ancestors is a good view of how we create experience on this playground.

The second example of metaphors/mind stories involve the choices underlying Mass Events. The Teachers began to tell us the “stories” of alien forms and visitations from the seemingly crowded Cosmos! The story begins about 100 years ago. WWI had awakened other life forms to the power humans acquired when they choose Mass Events. More attention was focused when WWII included atomic bombs. Interestingly, Earth’s Moon has and continues to have great observational platforms. It is hollow inside. According to the Teachers, it is an artificial, hollow satellite inhabited by various “star groups.” Early in the developing World with its often stumbling ways, agreements had been signed to grant various observers habitats inside the Moon. (Fascinating!) These Cosmic guests were recording the flow of civilizations in search of the main question: Who are You and What do you Want?

At this point in the session, I lost my focus on what the Teachers were saying. The following is what my awareness of the story is…

Along with the data from those questions, these Alien Life Forms operated within what the Teachers called The Prime Directive. It brought to mind the Star Trek notion, which the Teachers said was the Gene Roddenberry term that best described the agreement. And, yes, Roddenberry was shown much about these Alien Life Forms. They considered him the Ambassador.

When the “competitive’ Nation States (US and USSR) decided to race to the Moon in the 1960’s, the Alien Visitors reminded the humans of their “rental” agreement. To illustrate the thinking at the time, the Teachers asked the question: If the Moon had been available then, why was the program changed to build a Space Station? And why all the denials that there are alien life forms interacting with human life forms?

The exploration of the Moon was held to a barely mentioned footnote in the history of lunar exploration. There was at least one photo of the back side of the Moon with images of the Alien presence. This information, as you might well imagine, was quickly hidden. However, physicist Michio Kaku and probably others, knew about this. These scientists have been held back from telling what they saw. In the 1990’s at a Prophet’s Conference, Santa Fe, NM, a panel of scientists (including Dr. Kaku) spoke of this. Note: Peter began to speak in my head: “Lucette was there. We made sure of that. Each of you gather the nuggets you need to construct, first, the hologram for the Mass Event.” This hologram gives an anchor in time for it. The stories and metaphors give rise to the energy of your creative self.

Presently, the Alien Life Forms are noticing that the whole of Space travel is being put into the command of the Warrior professionals instead of under the command of the Explorer professionals. (It would seem Gene Roddenberry’s Prime Directive is not the guiding light presently?) So, there are Aliens among us, and we are on a giant Roller Coaster ride of a Mass Event!

Looks like we are going to learn a lot about metaphors and mind stories and playgrounds, and alien life forms, and ….. Best advice? Sit back and fasten your seat belt. It’s just might be one heck of a ride!

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