24 Little Exercises

Note: These exercises are from a teacher named Peter. When I discovered them I felt they would be of interest to a wider audience, hence the availability of the 24 Little Exercises. They include instructions for two preliminary exercises as well: Creating Sanctuary, and Finding Your Sound. ~ Kay Shinol

The 24 Little Exercises are a set of physical movements, breathing exercises and closed-eye-processes designed to assist in a greater connection of body-mind-spirit. There are an infinite array of possible ways for mind and body to align; and for mind, body and spirit to work together and to awaken to their connection to one another. The 24 Little Exercises are offered to help you become more than you thought you were by strengthening and building upon that connection.

Some of the exercises may resemble yoga poses you know, or qigong or tai chi postures. These movements and techniques are ages old. They are compiled in this series along with closed eye processes or journeys to offer yet another expression of the timeless natural desire to move into a deeper connection with mind-body-spirit.

You may be of the habit to look for a particular purpose or benefit to gain from each exercise. The 24 Little Exercises are not structured in that traditional way. It is not necessary to have a logical understanding of what the 24 LE are doing. With some exercises you will feel an effect and with others you will not. It depends on where each person is on their path as to what they experience with these exercises. You may not understand it, but if you do them, you will feel differently.

Practice Guidelines

  • Each exercise builds the foundation for the next exercise.
  • These exercises are guidelines. They are not meant to be rules or laws. Once you know the exercises, please feel free to arrange them in an order that is pleasing to you.
  • When you feel complete with one exercise, then it is time to move on to the next.
  • These exercises are not about doing them right, doing it perfect, doing it at all. It is a matter of observing.

Download pdf of the The-24-Little-Exercises