Welcome to the teachings of Peter, an entity not-in-form, who first made himself known to Kay and Jan in 1971, through a process he coined “Resonating.” Peter speaks through Kay while Jan balances energy, asks questions and provides summaries for students. First called “lessons,” the sessions became “dialogs” in the late 1980’s when Peter suggested students were ready for a more conversational form. The cadre of teachers has expanded over the years to include The 12 Many Friends, and characters such as No Name Wisdom which perhaps helps to explain Peter’s identifying himself as “The Peter.”

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Metaphors and Mind Stories

“A long time ago, in a Galaxy far,far away….”

So began our Dialog with Peter, Sat., 2/15/2020. (Session available on Vimeo) I thought Wow! This will be one of those wonderful science fiction sessions with aliens and interstellar communications. It took me some time to realize we were talking about Metaphors and Mind Stories! You know, those things that are both real and not real…true and not true. The ones that produce the Feeling Flows we use to produce Sequential Experience. And importantly, they are the “Strands of Connectivity.”

Interestingly, whichever story we choose to build our experiences upon, becomes”real” for us and when massive numbers of me pick the same one, we create a “Mass Event.” The more of us who pick the same story, the more valid or true it becomes! ” No thing happens to me, all things happen through me.” We truly are the Creators. And we use Metaphors and Mind Stories to choose and validate our experiences on a simple playground for routine living or a complex Mass Event playground for gathering the involvement of many, most, or all life forms! Now that’s a double WOW!

The Teachers picked two different examples. The first was an example of simple, foundational concepts we all create or use to play on the time-attached mind stories of “Grandfather and Grandmother.” These are sometimes enormous and can stretch through the Akashic Records, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the collection of all knowledge in Alexandria, or a simple DNA reading that defines a person’s Grandparents. Descriptions of these Wise Elders and that Connectivity paints a picture of sequential time and marching into both antiquity and eons ahead. Learning about or, more accurately, creating these ancestors is a good view of how we create experience on this playground.

The second example of metaphors/mind stories involve the choices underlying Mass Events. The Teachers began to tell us the “stories” of alien forms and visitations from the seemingly crowded Cosmos! The story begins about 100 years ago. WWI had awakened other life forms to the power humans acquired when they choose Mass Events. More attention was focused when WWII included atomic bombs. Interestingly, Earth’s Moon has and continues to have great observational platforms. It is hollow inside. According to the Teachers, it is an artificial, hollow satellite inhabited by various “star groups.” Early in the developing World with its often stumbling ways, agreements had been signed to grant various observers habitats inside the Moon. (Fascinating!) These Cosmic guests were recording the flow of civilizations in search of the main question: Who are You and What do you Want?

At this point in the session, I lost my focus on what the Teachers were saying. The following is what my awareness of the story is…

Along with the data from those questions, these Alien Life Forms operated within what the Teachers called The Prime Directive. It brought to mind the Star Trek notion, which the Teachers said was the Gene Roddenberry term that best described the agreement. And, yes, Roddenberry was shown much about these Alien Life Forms. They considered him the Ambassador.

When the “competitive’ Nation States (US and USSR) decided to race to the Moon in the 1960’s, the Alien Visitors reminded the humans of their “rental” agreement. To illustrate the thinking at the time, the Teachers asked the question: If the Moon had been available then, why was the program changed to build a Space Station? And why all the denials that there are alien life forms interacting with human life forms?

The exploration of the Moon was held to a barely mentioned footnote in the history of lunar exploration. There was at least one photo of the back side of the Moon with images of the Alien presence. This information, as you might well imagine, was quickly hidden. However, physicist Michio Kaku and probably others, knew about this. These scientists have been held back from telling what they saw. In the 1990’s at a Prophet’s Conference, Santa Fe, NM, a panel of scientists (including Dr. Kaku) spoke of this. Note: Peter began to speak in my head: “Lucette was there. We made sure of that. Each of you gather the nuggets you need to construct, first, the hologram for the Mass Event.” This hologram gives an anchor in time for it. The stories and metaphors give rise to the energy of your creative self.

Presently, the Alien Life Forms are noticing that the whole of Space travel is being put into the command of the Warrior professionals instead of under the command of the Explorer professionals. (It would seem Gene Roddenberry’s Prime Directive is not the guiding light presently?) So, there are Aliens among us, and we are on a giant Roller Coaster ride of a Mass Event!

Looks like we are going to learn a lot about metaphors and mind stories and playgrounds, and alien life forms, and ….. Best advice? Sit back and fasten your seat belt. It’s just might be one heck of a ride!

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The Case For Optimism, Positivism, and Enthusiasm

“Important it is,” as Master Yoda might say, that we all – with clear intention – choose optimism, positivism, and enthusiasm when structuring our experience sequences. Well, perhaps not so much Yoda as Peter.  This was brought home to me after an amazing Dialog with Peter and the 12 Many Friends on Sat. (Oct 6, 2018). I feel so blessed with a deep Appreciating for all the wonderful “Student Seekers”who applied their beautiful Energy to our Group adventure in Awakening!

Our discussion that day, included examples of the tremendous changes we are WITNESSING and, perhaps more importantly, FEELING. It seemed that for one brief shining moment, we could plug into that precious Optimism, Positivism, and Enthusiasm. So, how, I wondered, could this group experience “play” with the Peter teachings? These changes that seem so big and so sudden – did I just not notice what was happening in the world around me? Have I been one of the frogs in the pot of water…gradually heating to a boil?

No sooner had these questions been imagined than 2 thoughts appeared:

1. Governments are going away. Business and corporate entities will take over that role.

2. Carbon based life forms will be transformed into  Silicon based life forms.  

As for the first one, Peter said many years ago that Governments will “own” Debt.  Business and Corporate entities will “own” the money. The only real function of Government will be control of weapons and warriors. Could this be the appearance of the mercenaries?  Notice the move to “privatize” the war in Afghanistan.  And notice the growing size of the National Debt. Also, notice the decline of the US currency world-wide.  OK…OK, so I missed a lot of “Noticings!” On the other hand, are “WE THE PEOPLE” forfeiting our voice in the distribution of money?  … in the fighting or wars and finding peace? We do not have a voice/vote in corporate choices or procedures? Shouldn’t we have?

As for #2 above, I have been keenly aware of Global Climate Change for some time. It’s hard to see a train wreck approaching and be unable to turn away. Guess the only real way to do it is to deny it’s a train! Many Carbon based life forms have denied the “train”and could possibly opt for an alternative form of expression – hence the Silicon based life form. According to Peter, we have within our DNA (music) the possibility of just that. So far, I have not been able to get my brain around this concept, but I will seriously try to “notice” evidence of it as it appears.  (Oops, Yoda caught me! “Either do or do not! No try!”) When we have made this beautiful Earth uninhabitable for carbon based life forms, there could  be mass migrations to other planets in which carbon based life forms can survive, or we could shift those life forms to a different elemental base – Silicon – according to Peter. Of course, we could always apply our efforts to changing the environment of Earth Mother to support Carbon based life forms once more!!  The Teachers would say it is never too late – THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!

By this time, you are probably wondering where all that Optimism, Positivism, and Enthusiasm went!  I realized that not only had I made the case for pessimism, negativism, and depression, but I had no argument for their opposite! Greed based power grabs and an environment that won’t support life as we know it … surely there is more! THERE IS ALWAYS MORE!?!  Right?

We have been told that in our Tool/Toy chest we have all the resources and support we could ever need.  As a matter of fact, one of my favorite Peterism is, “When you are on your path and in your knowing, the Universe … All That Is … will not disappoint you.” I can feel the PEACE and LOVE every time I turn to it!

That’s when the Teachers began to speak to me. No Name Wisdom was the first voice I heard. He words were strong:

“It is the exploration of BALANCE that brings you to this point. Peace is to be found when the struggle ends, a draw is declared, all participants embrace, the balance point is honored by all, and a celebration commences.”  Anthropologists have observed these “battles” not to the death, just to the anger-relief points in past tribal functions.  Not only  in the tribal past, but also in the Star Wars of the future. BALANCE is employed for the Jedi Knights AND the Dark side of the Force.

The Good News, according to the 12 Many Friends, is that we have guiding us,  2 very important, exquisit, never ending, magical, manifestations of ISNESS …


1. THE PRINCIPLE OF ENOUGH                                                                                             2. THE EMBRACING OF DIVERSITY

These are fundamental to Awakening the Dimensional Reality System. And, according to the Peter, they provide the key to the path for Global/Solar/Galactic/Universal passage of Ego Identity into Full Knowing.  We will be referencing these 2 important concepts in future Dialogs. The more I think I know, the more I have to learn!!

So, here’s to hanging out in Fields of Optimism, Oceans of Positivism, and Rainbows of Enthusiasm!  Join us there. It might just be FUN!  AHO!



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What is the state of FULL KNOWING?

What exactly is “Full Knowing?” Defining that which is infinite is like defining “nothingness.” As soon as words and descriptive phrases are used, the “nothing” becomes “something!”  Even with the difficulty in defining it, there are some things we do know and can experience about this state of Full Knowing.

  • Words/Language are not used for communications…only Feeling Flows
  • Connect (Bundle) vibration, resonance, frequency in infinite harmonics for focus
  • Reality Systems, Cosmic Awareness, and Full Knowing are the three states of focus

After asking Peter and the 12 Many Friends for better understandings of The State of Full Knowing, I found myself watching a TV show whose guest was a researcher of “Miracles.”  He began telling the story of Champion, Wisconsin’s legend as a place for miracles. When next I looked up at the screen, there was an elderly couple (Grandparents) with a story to tell. The Grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which had spread to her lungs. The Doctor told her she had 2 years to live. The couple called a family meeting so all three of their children could hear the news. The woman explained that she was a “non-practicing” Catholic, but had for years believed she could talk straight to God. At that family meeting, they all decided to travel to a place in Wisconsin where it’s easy to talk to God — Champion, Wisconsin. They all agreed it was not their mission to ask for healing or for more time, or for an end of the cancer in her body.  What she insisted they all pray for was for the strength and courage to follow this path God had laid out for her.

At that point, the story had my full attention.  And wouldn’t you just know it! One of those NOAA weather emergency announcements came on and stopped the interview!  Trying to figure out how I could find the story online, I felt the presents of the Teachers. Their message was clear:  It’s not the story the Mind tells, it’s the Full Knowing her Ego-Identity experienced! The TV show was back to the woman who was concluding her account with the following inFORMation — “It wasn’t that I heard it, I FELT the words’…”IT’S ALRIGHT. YOU’RE ALRIGHT.”  Back home,  you guessed it, there was no cancer, nothing in her lungs, she was in excellent health!

Now, we can attribute this to “faith,” “luck,” or “misdiagnosis.” But what I have come to know is that this is my experience of FULL KNOWING.” As the Teachers pointed out, the Emergency Broadcast was to facilitate my letting go of the story. It was never about the story or the miracle, it was about the nonverbal Feeling Flows that let us FULLY KNOW!!

So, we have Ego-Identity with its main focus on the Dimensional Reality (or one of its numerous holograms). And the Full Knower, with its focus in Spirit (God) needs no words just ride the waves of Feeling Flows. As the Grandma said, “I didn’t hear the words, I felt them and I knew I was alright.”

How can we KNOW we are focused in Spirit and not Dimensional Reality?

First of all, we will notice that we do not to hear words.  Instead we “FEEL” them. Peter told us to find a word or two that can put us into Feeling Flows. My word, for example, is PEACE. I can use it to “turn on” Feeling Flows and turn off words.

Secondly, by Sounding and Spinning and Summoning we can “fall back” into the arms of Spirit. We are by nature that Consciousness Wave of Energy getting to know itself – in Dimensional Reality, in Cosmic Awareness, and in Full Knowing. Therefore, we have the choice of living out the stories on the playground of dimensional reality or in Full Knowing. There is an intermediary playground referred to as Cosmic Awareness. It operates rather like a halfway station – half words, half feeling flows.

It’s this Cosmic Awareness playground we use to resurrect, reconnect, recombine, and reignite the whole of “Energy simply IS.” Finding focus and expression in Dimensional Reality Forms provides opportunities for “becoming.” Being freed from such things ushers in pure Feeling Flows – no prerequisites, no judgements.  For me, PEACE surrounds and embraces me. I am in the Feeling Flows of pure Spirit! Full Knowing!

So, our studies have only just begun… or, as Peter says, “There is always more!”

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