…”When the Sun and Moon Dance Together in the Sky”

August 21, 2017, there will be a total Solar Eclipse moving across the US.  The Awakening Tribe has been called to go and “do ceremony” at that time.  For a few months, that was about all we knew until Sat.’s Dialog (June 17, 2017).  Some background…

Our first Spirit Trip was in November, 1994.  A group of us traveled to Peru to do ceremony at Machu Picchu – “When the Sun and Moon Danced together in the Sky.” That was the start of 20+ years of Spirit Travel – finding, connecting and turning on the Pyramids of the 4 Corners, Initiation at the Crystal Cave, energizing at the Davis Mountains, walking Serpent Mound, Experiencing the Coral castle and Pyramids off the Florida Keys, and on and on.  So when this amazing Solar Eclipse came along, it seemed to Jan and me to be the perfect way to come “FULL CIRCLE.”

As it turns out, this is an excellent time for facilitating atmospheric field shifts with Earth surface Ley Lines. From a Dialog many years ago, Peter describes three energies we “inFORMs” use to create the dimensional reality: 1) electrical, 2) magnetic, and 3) electromagnetic. (AKA Hope, Faith, and Love Unconditional)  The basic identifier for our Reality System is “moving” – if there is movement, there is “life.”  Movement is another way of saying, “Vibration, Resonance, Frequency” – or, as it is heard by our auditory system, Sound.  Those who measure such things have recorded impressive shifts in atmospheric frequencies, which, it is believed, are influencing/impacting Earth changes – how, it is not known.  The Peter and the 12 Many Friends will be guiding us to map Ley Lines which we will align with the atmospheric frequency shifts.  That’s what the ceremony is about.  The Teachers have asked that we incorporate Summoning and Talking Stick in our ceremony.

So, if you feel called to travel at Spirit’s bidding, here is our schedule:

  1. Meet up in St. Joseph, Mo. on Sunday, August 20, 2017, Holiday Inn Express, 3600 N Village Dr, (Hotel Front Desk # 816-232-2500) at 11 am
  2. Caravan to the farm (hope to do ceremony there on Monday). Map out Ley Lines and figure out ceremonial site
  3. Back to Holiday Inn Express for Discussion, Dialog, and Dinner.
  4. Monday August 21, leave from Holiday Inn Express at 10 am for ceremony site.
  5. Return in the afternoon for Talking Stick and Dialog.
  6. Head Home – renewed and ready for changes to be weathered.
Here are some links to the St. Joseph area with Hotels, camping, information, etc.
If you want to travel with someone or you have space to carry another traveler, let me know and I’ll try to get you in touch with each other.  If you will be flying in, Kansas City is about 50 miles from St Joseph.
Contact us if you need more information.  Also, check our Facebook page. (What? Not a member yet? ask for membership on Facebook. Join our group)
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Telepathy’s Pyramid of Full Knowing

Funny thing about Pyramids.  They are found all over the Earth, they illustrate Sacred Geometry in action, and if you imagine them spinning, you can feel their unusual energy.

Here are Pyramids with Maslow’s categories of “finite” (of the body) needs:

Image result for maslow's pyramid of needs                 Image result for maslow's pyramid of needs

If we were to construct a Pyramid of “Infinite” (of the Spirit) Knowing, We can see that there are actually 3 levels for comparison.

First, in Maslow’s 2 lower tiers, needs of the body are addressed.  The need for air to breath, water to drink, food, etc. are fundamental for the survival of the body. Add to this the need for safety – which covers both being physically safe and feeling that one is safe.

The comparable basic level of our Pyramid of Knowing covers elements needed by manifested Spirit existing in the finite while being fully aware of its infinite truth. Peter suggested we think of it as “Tools ‘n Toys” Consciousness uses to generate motivation and intention.  Sort of like the “equipment” needed to create.

The Second Level of Needs in Maslow’s scheme of things addresses the Mind – our story teller.  Described as Love, Belonging, and Esteem, this tier covers the psychology of the body. Too many studies have shown the importance of these needs in the development of human beings to list here, so let us summarize these needs by saying the Body/Mind sense of well being, requires each of these levels.

As for our Pyramid of Knowing, this tier Peter describes as “Feeling Flows.”  The expression of Spirit (infinite) summons (calls forth) from the finite (Love,Belonging, Esteem) in order to ride the wave of feeling/thought mixed together.  (I use an image of Consciousness surfing “Feeling Flows” in an ocean of expressions (life forms).)

And, finally, the Third Level for Maslow is what he calls, “Self Actualization.” We might think of it as the finite alignment of body/mind in Spirit.  In a sense, it is fully knowing one’s self. And since there is ONE of us, Self Actualization is a key part of knowing …ALL.

Our Pyramid describes this apex as complete or full Knowing.  In the trip up the Pyramid, Spirit has taken on form, examined Body/Mind/Spirit needs, and awakened to concurrent expressions of Isness!

Telepathy, then is not about sending and receiving. It is about full Knowing! Communication is achieved when Vibration/Resonance/Frequency “become” and “are” Essential Expression!

Now, after we form and discuss these two Pyramids, we add the “spin” and begin to study The Capstone!  I’m waiting for that one. Reminds me of discussions long ago of “matter and anti-matter.” Who can say what will happen!  Stay tuned.  It should be interesting.

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Metaphysical Epigenetics – the telepathy of “knowing”

We will be Gathering the Ways this Sat., July 25, 2015 at 1 pm.  Hope you can join us.
_____Our focus continues to be centered on Telepathy’s Pyramid – an instrument of “Knowing.”  The Teachers are taking Maslow’s Pyramid and guiding us to the “capstone” which, for Maslow, was Self-Actualization and for our exploration of Telepathy is complete Knowing (the one that is not knowledge based and has no opposite).  
_____Our notion of Telepathy differs from the traditional version in that there is no mechanism for transmission nor is there a need for such. To be perceiving/transmitting  unencumbered from the Infinite (complete Knowing) is equivalent to Spirit merging completely with the Dimensional Reality System.  So, what, how, etc., do we merge the Infinite and the Finite in the complete Knowing Telepathy?
_____The Teachers have introduced a new concept, METAPHYSICAL EPIGENETICS, to the mix. And if you are like me, you’ll hit Google and Wikipedia on that one.  In broad terms, it involves the most basic (and most ready to change) elemental of the reality system…  And forms the basic ingredient for our witch’s brew.  Here’s an example the Teachers gave:
_____“Basic to complete Knowing is an awareness of ‘the Strands’ – the fabric of the reality system – the cauldron holding the brew, so to speak.  Remember the Strands are personalized into the figure of the DNA inside each body cell.  These do NOT end at the skin level, but rather fill the entire reality system. Within each cell (Finite), there are the tools and toys for what you know as ‘experience.’  Also present is the Spirit (Infinite) (represented as ‘Dark Matter’ cosmically).  Typically, an iteration of you, manifesting across the time/space illusion, vacillates or cycles from the Spirit Source to the manifested life form… and back again.  Traversing the cycles, or oscillations, produces designs unique to you (your persona, your geometric design, your vibration, resonance, and frequency).  What this new Telepathy – Knowing allows is the simultaneous expression of Infinite/Finite.”  
_____To top it all off, the Teachers spoke of “Feeling Flows” as that still, silent voice steering the flutter of reality’s fabric … of cellular strands … upon which Is-ness, the Infinite, and Manifestation, the Finite, merge. 
_____More to come.
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