Telepathy’s Pyramid of Full Knowing

Funny thing about Pyramids.  They are found all over the Earth, they illustrate Sacred Geometry in action, and if you imagine them spinning, you can feel their unusual energy.

Here are Pyramids with Maslow’s categories of “finite” (of the body) needs:

Image result for maslow's pyramid of needs                 Image result for maslow's pyramid of needs

If we were to construct a Pyramid of “Infinite” (of the Spirit) Knowing, We can see that there are actually 3 levels for comparison.

First, in Maslow’s 2 lower tiers, needs of the body are addressed.  The need for air to breath, water to drink, food, etc. are fundamental for the survival of the body. Add to this the need for safety – which covers both being physically safe and feeling that one is safe.

The comparable basic level of our Pyramid of Knowing covers elements needed by manifested Spirit existing in the finite while being fully aware of its infinite truth. Peter suggested we think of it as “Tools ‘n Toys” Consciousness uses to generate motivation and intention.  Sort of like the “equipment” needed to create.

The Second Level of Needs in Maslow’s scheme of things addresses the Mind – our story teller.  Described as Love, Belonging, and Esteem, this tier covers the psychology of the body. Too many studies have shown the importance of these needs in the development of human beings to list here, so let us summarize these needs by saying the Body/Mind sense of well being, requires each of these levels.

As for our Pyramid of Knowing, this tier Peter describes as “Feeling Flows.”  The expression of Spirit (infinite) summons (calls forth) from the finite (Love,Belonging, Esteem) in order to ride the wave of feeling/thought mixed together.  (I use an image of Consciousness surfing “Feeling Flows” in an ocean of expressions (life forms).)

And, finally, the Third Level for Maslow is what he calls, “Self Actualization.” We might think of it as the finite alignment of body/mind in Spirit.  In a sense, it is fully knowing one’s self. And since there is ONE of us, Self Actualization is a key part of knowing …ALL.

Our Pyramid describes this apex as complete or full Knowing.  In the trip up the Pyramid, Spirit has taken on form, examined Body/Mind/Spirit needs, and awakened to concurrent expressions of Isness!

Telepathy, then is not about sending and receiving. It is about full Knowing! Communication is achieved when Vibration/Resonance/Frequency “become” and “are” Essential Expression!

Now, after we form and discuss these two Pyramids, we add the “spin” and begin to study The Capstone!  I’m waiting for that one. Reminds me of discussions long ago of “matter and anti-matter.” Who can say what will happen!  Stay tuned.  It should be interesting.

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