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To sample a Green Mist Journey guided meditation, please view this video:
This was recorded 6-22-19, 35min, and can be downloaded for your private use.

Genetic Migration Dialog Online

Nov 23rd, 2010

We gathered in November to begin our look at “Genetic Migrations: Finding the ‘Dark’ Brilliance and Tweaking the Vibrations of individual genetic codes.” The discussion begins in Part One and the Green Mist Journey is in Part Two. Links for the videos:

Part One:
Part Two:

According to Peter, we are not only undergoing tremendous Spiritual change, but also vast physical change.  (Still not sure how to wrap my brain around the shift from “carbon based” life forms to “silicon based” – sigh.) The whole of the hologram (Plane of Reality) is in a state of flux. He cautions us about referencing the process using time-lines as these are by their nature, randomly employed and connected to Cause and Effect.  In our Sat. afternoon filming (not yet up), he tied this topic to our “new way” of doing and being which he calls… Manifesting the Miraculous. It is one of those upcoming sessions I am looking forward to.

These are indeed interesting and amazing times to be alive.  From all of us here at the Peter Dialogs and the Awakening Tribe, have a season filled with wonder and FUN!