Tragedy In Japan — my unnamed crew members

Remember the old Star Trek TV series? Most episodes involved the Starship Enterprise being positioned over some “troubled” location. Capt. Kirk with a few of the cast beaming down to study/assist/report something, and as the episode concludes at least one unnamed crew member not making it back. Avid viewers (like me) soon knew who would be left behind … it was the crew member without a name.

During a recent Dialog, Peter began to explain to us how very important all the “unnamed crew members” of our lives are and that it is important that we begin to fully appreciate them by consciously getting to know them or NAME them. That thought really came home for me when the tragedy in Japan began to be reported. What if all of those wonderful people, animals, rocks, buildings, autos, trees, plants, etc., were my Unnamed Crew Members? What if they are experiencing this tragedy in my stead? What if I am much more intimately involved with them that I might have imagined!

In my meditation the next day, I asked my teachers to let me journey into the “Feeling Flow” of my relatingship with all the Life Forms present in Japan. And I’d like to shae some of that experience with you. Following the induction with the Green Mist, I found myself on a deserted landscape with gently rolling hills and seemingly nothing alive. As I began to float across the land, a sadness, a sorrow washed over me. The feeling was one of being the last — the only — life form on the planet. I could feel my body sobbing.

Then I heard a voice say, “You feel the absence. Now, you must feel the presence.” I could hear my conscious mind form the question: “How?” I could feel my body dissolve into millions of cells. Like marbles freely rolling all over, my body seemed to disengage from “organization” and settle into “chaos”! I could hear my conscious mind form the question: “What?” And in that moment I heard my teachers say: “You become whole as you come to know, to name, the millions of parts that are YOU.”

“But how can I possibly give a name to everything there?” I asked.

“You give Name and pull together yourself when you enter the state of deep appreciation and TOUCH each life form in Japan (which are actually the cells of your body) with LOVE!”

Amazing! Before this I could always say my heart goes out to the people experiencing tragedy. It is an empathic feeling. But now I know that I am much more closely related to the life forms than that! In fact, I am they and they are me! They are the cells of my body! My formerly “unnamed crew members” are now NAMED and ACKNOWLEDGED!

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