Who are Kay and Jan?

Photo of Kay and Jan ShinolThis portal provides entry into the lives and experiences of Kay and Jan. Together for 46 years, they have quite a few stories to share. When asked what is the secret to such a long and happy marriage, they admit the following:

He says, ” I was ready to get married and she was the only woman who could pronounce my name.”

She says, “He made me laugh and was the only man I’d met smarter than I am.”

And you can see why they are NO HELP with the marriage counseling thing! Both do admit, however, that the one constant in their lives is a deep and abiding respect for each other.

These days, Kay and Jan live in Austin, Texas. They didn’t start out there, however. As a matter of fact, it was one of those marvelous Spirit- directed things that they ever met.

After graduating from college, he from Yale University, she from the University of North Carolina, their paths crossed when they went to Air Force Officer Training School. Funny thing about destiny…you may not notice it at first, but later, the inevitability smacks you nice and hard. They often marvel at the odds they overcame to fully walk that path and engage that destiny.

Meet they did, fell in love, too. And in the 46 years since, both admit that it has been quite a ride! Kids, grandkids, and a whole world full of friends later, these two are still sharing experiences with those in “form” and those “not in form.”